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Attendance Reminders

Please remember to notify the school when your child is absent.

You MUST follow an absence with an email or a note (parent or doctor note) to school.

What to Include:

  • Your student’s name and ID
  • Reason and date(s) of absence

Time Sensitive:

  • An absence note must be received within 3 days of the absence to be verified.  It is not verified without an email or note sent to school.

Extenuating Circumstances:

  • If your child will be out for an extended amount of time due to illness, please have the doctor send a letter with each date the student has been absent and the reason.
  • Homework can be collected for your students after 3 days, if requested by the parent.  Teachers will deliver work to reception for you to pick up after 3pm.

Leaving Early:

  • You must come inside to reception to sign your child out.
  • In order for this to not count as an absence, the student must return to school with a note from the doctor, dentist, clinic, or hospital.

Your student must be in attendance 90% of the time.

  • 1st Semester = 8 days
  • 2nd Semester = 10 days
  • If your student misses more days than allowed, they will be up for attendance review.

How to make up absent days:

  • Attend morning tutorials with your teacher.
  • 1 tutorial erases 1 absence in that class.
  • Have too many absences and have trouble getting to tutorials?  We will help you make up the time!
  • Thursday & Tuesday afternoons are required absence make-ups in the library (By invitation)
  • Early Release days may also be used for absence make-ups.