School Supply Lists


  • You have the option to buy these from for $60 as a kit. The kit includes all items, except for earbuds, listed in the Core Class Supplies list and Community Supplies list provided below. The kit is the same for all grades.
  • Core Class Supplies will be in a small box that the student will receive at schedule pick up. Community Supplies will be delivered directly to the school for distribution.
  • The supplies or fees for each Elective or Fine Arts class are not included in the Edukit online purchases.
  • If you purchase on your own supplies, please provide all items on the Student Supplies list, Community Supplies list, AND for any electives your student is signed up for.
  • Purchasing the kit online from Please bring order confirmation to schedule pick up in August.

Core Class Supplies 2020-2021 (for all grades)

Supply Item Quantity Need In
Earbuds or headphones Chromebook compatible 1 All – NOT INCLUDED in EduKit
Filler paper – 200ct wide ruled 2 All
Composition notebook – 100ct wide ruled 2 (6th ELA-2, Math-2, (7th ELA-2), (8th ELA- 1)
Pencils - Yellow #2 - 12 count sharpened 1 All
Color Pencils - 12 count sharpened 1 All
Markers, classic, broad tip, 8 count 1 All
Highlighters, yellow 2 6th and 8th All Classes, 7th Science.
3-ring Pencil Pouch 1 All
Post-It Notes – 100ct, 3”x3” 3 All ELA
Index Cards – 100ct, 3"x5", white 1 All
Bevel Erasers 2 All
Graph paper spiral – 8”x10.5” 1 7th and 8th Math
Spiral notebook – 70ct, wide ruled 4 1 Science
Plastic bradded folder with pockets 5 (6th Math-3, Social Studies-1, Science-1) (7th Math-1, Social Studies -1, Science-1) (8th Math-1, Social Studies-1, Science-1)
Wooden ruler with metal edge 1 Science
$5.00 computer mouse 1 8th Grade OPTIONAL (NOT INCLUDED in EduKit)

Community Supplies 2020-2021

These supplies are distributed among classes for daily classroom use. If purchased through, these items will be shipped directly to the school for distribution. 2 large glue sticks 1 color pencils - 12 count sharpened 4 tissue-Kleenex 110 count 3 pencils (#2) 12 count pack

Fine Arts & Electives

These items are NOT included with the Core Class or Community School Supplies and will need to be purchased individually. Space in Fine Arts and Electives is subject to availability. Please note, just because you requested it, does not mean there is room or that it will work with your schedule. Algebra - One subject spiral, hand sharpener, pocket folder, pencils, $5 computer mouse Art 6th - 12 No. 2 pencils, eraser, hand sharpener, $5 supply fee Art 7/8th - 12 No. 2 pencils, eraser, hand sharpener, $10 supply fee AVID 7/8 - 2 inch binder and dividers Band 6/7/8 - Band supplies will be provided through the band department. Choir 6/7/8 - Choir supplies will be provided through the choir department. Health 8th - Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Wipes, 2 pocket 3 brad folder, Loose Leaf paper Orchestra 6/7/8 - Orchestra supplies will be provided through the orchestra department. iLit - 1 pocket folder with brads and 1 composition notebook Spanish 7/8 - 3 hole binder, one subject spiral, three packages index cards, two post-it note pads 3x3, 1 set map/color pencils or markers, 3 pencils Speech 8th - 2 pocket 3 brad folder Korean - 3 inch 3-hole binder, dry erase markers 7 STEM Gateway PLTW - 12 No.2 Pencils, Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Wipes, 4 Elmers glue sticks, I bottle Elmers Glue, Ruler 8 STEM Principles of Applied Engineering - Ruler, craft sticks, duct tape, colored permanent marker, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, Clorox Wipes 8 STEM IED: Intro to Engineering Design - Ruler, craft sticks, duct tape, colored permanent marker, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, Clorox Wipes Theatre 6/7/8 - 2 pocket folders with brads, 1 bottle Elmer's glue Dance - 1 pocket folder with brads

Order your 2020-2021 school supplies NOW! Don’t wait until Fall. Limited quantities will be available for purchase during Schedule Pickup; However, they sell out quickly!

Go to by August 10, 2020 to order your Blalack School Supply Kit online! Blalack Middle School offers the EduKit program as a convenient option for busy families to order school supplies for the 2020/2021 year. EduKits include the supplies approved by our school. Your student’s order must be picked up on Schedule Pick Up day in mid-August. Classroom delivery of student’s supplies is not offered this year. Questions? Contact Lori Pfeil, Blalack Middle School Kit - $60 DONATE - DONATE – DONATE! Please consider donating $10, $20 or $30 to help support those families and students in our school community impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. *Prices are valid on orders placed by 08/10/20. *Sales tax, if applicable, will be added at check out.